3 August 2013

2 Aug 1943: National Fire Service men & women at sports

2 Mon. Rather warm, very cloudy and rough. Saw the sports fete at Mostyn Gardens. Races at various distances, high jump, long jump, tug-of-war, a five mile road walk, slow cycle races, obstacle races, but the show piece was a display of agility and acrobatics by the men and women of the National Fire Service. Gwennie and Laurance brought some meat scraps for Dinky.

Hagenbeck Zoo was rebuilt.
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On this day: a series of six raids by RAF and US on Hamburg has resulted in 40,800 immediate deaths, and 37,000+ injured. Over 40,000 homes and 275,000 apartments destroyed, 24 hospitals, 277 schools, 12 bridges, and Hagenbeck Zoo totally destroyed.

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