19 August 2013

18th Aug 1943: Epsom Common ploughed & on fire

Epsom. John Constable, circa 1808.
In Tate Britain.
18 Wed. Warm, fine day, the sun was not very powerful and a wind made it a little fresher than it would have been otherwise. Very enjoyable however. Did shopping in morning including going to Morden. Cycled to Epsom Common in afternoon. Would have enjoyed it very much if I had had the time but had to come back to cook the dinner. Part of Epsom Common is being turned into ploughland and other parts were on fire. Warning from 12.5 to 1.40 a.m.: no incident locally.

Notes: '144 acres of Epsom Common were ploughed during World War II, but the results were very poor.' - see Epsom Common Association

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