17 August 2013

16th Aug 1943: wartime technical research

Early Cossor logo
 - see company details on Wikipedia
16 Mon. Rather warm, lovely sunshine all day but spoilt by a rather boisterous wind. To Morden to buy cat's meat. In afternoon cycled to top of Banstead Downs and sat on a seat there and enjoyed the wide expanse of view; have not been there for a great many years. To see Uncle Alf in evening; he is very unwell. Alan Spooner called; he is having a term in the Cossor Valve works at Highbury in the research laboratory. Warning from 11.50 to 12.0 midnight: no incident.

Notes: A C Cossor Ltd founded 1859 in Clerkenwell. Sold its first television set in 1936. Worked on radar and the Chain Home RADAR during WWII. Company sold its interests to Phillips and others in the 1950s, and later became and still is, in the 21st century, part of Raytheon.

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