6 July 2013

5th July 1943: new suit, mock battle & music

5 Mon. Rather warm, very dull and overcast; slight shower in evening. To Morden in morning to buy cats' meat. Along rail path in afternoon saw Pacific 21 cq. (?) Ordered brown suit at Rego's price 95/-; not bad for war-time, had to give up 26 coupons. Also bought 1/2 meg. resistance for Chas. Staden's set. In early evening a thrilling mock siege was waged by regular troops on the bombed houses opposite. Soldiers hiding in front gardens fired blank cartridges into the buildings while bombs burst inside with great noise; it was very realistic and the damaged houses had more damage done to them. Finally a white flag was waved from an upstairs window. Mr. Bonham called. To Len Garrods. I played violin this time as Alf played the piano; Len, the cello, of course.

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