12 July 2013

11th July 1943: kids like "pop tree"

11 Sun. Between very mild & rather warm; very dull; showers in evening. The children called: Gwennie & Laurance twice. They are very pleased with the "pop tree". Short walk in evening.

Notes: can anyone identify the "pop tree"? I recall it had light green seed pods perhaps a couple of inches long which went "pop" and burst if you squeezed them - no doubt a means of seed dispersal.

Note 2: Wisteria has been suggested, and sweet peas...

'Greyfox' writes: 'I think the “pop tree” could be laburnum (which Uncle Fred mentions a couple of times, so could have been in his garden).  The pods are pea-like & “pop” when ripe.' And yes, the tree was in his garden. 

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