5 June 2013

5th June 1943: lovely wild roses, lethal bombs

5 Sat. Very mild, some weak sun at each end of the day, otherwise cloudy; fresh  breeze. Cycled to Wimbledon & Merton in search of food for Dinky. Did usual Sat. afternoon shopping. Lengthened 22 1/2 ins. fuselage to 25 ins.; then re-covered it with black tissue. Cycled as far as Tolworth Rise & back; saw some pink and some white wild roses flowering by the wayside - lovely. Warning at 1.55 a.m. One enemy plane approached from S.E. moderate amount of distant gunfire. It dropped its bombs at Beckenham where it demolished some houses & caused some casualties including some people killed: all clear at 2.25 a.m.

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