2 June 2013

1st June 1943: many killed in local bombing

1 June. Tues. Very mild, fitful clouds, showers, rainbow; very boisterous cool wind. Warning at 1.40 a.m. One machine came from N. and circled round for 1/4 of an hour before making off southward and dropping bombs which I heard whistling down and then the explosion. It received a few shots but mostly it was left alone; the local guns did not fire. All clear at 2.14 a.m. Have heard since the bombs fell at Parchmore Rd. & Virginia Road, Thornton Heath where two rows of houses were demolished and many killed, 7 in one road. Short cycle ride in afternoon.  To look at Mrs Child's wireless in evening; need new H.T. and G.B. batteries.

Note from 'The Croydon Database' re Parchmore Road:
Twelve maisonettes in three blocks of four were built on the south side and at the end. The life of the first block was very short as it was hit by an HE bomb on 31st May 1943 and Nos. 5 and 6 of the second block were also destroyed. New replacements were erected at the end of the war.   
(Note: the buildings had only received planning permission in 1939.)

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