20 June 2013

16th June 1943: wireless repair man

16 Wed. Very mild, heavy showers, slight thunder. To meet Mrs. Staden also Rev. Chas. Staden as they arrive in Alexandra Road Wimbledon by bus. They come from Spalding by rail and from Kings X by bus to Wimbledon to visit Mrs. Staden's brother. I met them as Chas. brought a wireless set for me to repair. Was delighted as they brought little David, Chas. 4 years old son. Had not seen David before, and when I said to him, "You don't know me, do you?" he replied at once, "Oh, yes I do." Wasn't that lovely. Examined the set and found a coupling condenser broken down. The plane that circled to westward on Mon. night dropped a bomb on some glass houses centrally placed between Tolworth & Ewell, Ruxley and Chessington: no one hurt.

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