26 May 2013

25th May 1943: inspiring preacher

25 Tues. Very mild, some pleasant sunny periods; slight thunder in afternoon.Cycled to Morden to buy fish. Went to the week night meeting of the Church Anniversary. Dr. Luke Wiseman gave a most inspiring address, speaking with great power and eloquence: he is 85. Alan Spooner called.

Note: the Rev Frederick Luke Wiseman, born in York in 1858, died on 16 Jan 1944.** He was an 'evangelist, orator, elder statesman and a gifted musician' who held several senior positions in the Methodist church - see this link for example (scroll down to 1938-39). 
**Elsewhere there is this overly sentimental account: 'On a dreadful, foggy day this old saint of eighty-six preached twice - once in Wesley's own pulpit in City road. Then the old man made his way home... We can imagine the old man sitting in his armchair by the fire. He went to sleep and awakened in heaven.' (From 'The Will of God' by Leslie Weatherhead.)

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