19 May 2013

19th May 1943: Methodists & marigolds

Raynes Park Methodist Church, Worple Road. The church also houses the Lantern Arts Centre (LAC) and Lantern Cafe. This was the church attended by Ciss (Fred's sister) - they called it by the name of the area, 'Cottenham Park'. The church is a Grade II listed building, octagonal-shaped, built in the Byzantine style 
Google Street View, 2012. 
19 Wed. (con.) The chilly E. wind completely spoilt an otherwise brilliant day - pity.  Did shopping by cycle including going to Morden. Sowed four varieties of my own experimental marigolds. Mr F. J. Bonham came to interview Ciss; he is writing a history of Methodism in Wimbledon and Ciss was able to give some interesting particulars. Started washing the painted walls of the scullery. Warning from 11.55 p.m. to 12.25 am. on 20th Thur. Warning from 1.0 a.m. to 2.45 a.m. Three enemy planes came from the N. and took moderate gunfire: the Raynes Park guns fired a few rounds at the last plane.

On this day: Winston Churchill
"...there is nothing more important for the future of the world than the fraternal association of our two peoples in righteous work both in war and peace."
- in a broadcast from Washington DC.

"It is a poor heart that never rejoices; but our thanksgiving, however fervant, must be brief."

"The proud German Army by its sudden collapse, sudden crumbling and breaking up, has once again proved the truth of the saying, 'The Hun is always either at your throat or at your feet'."
- speaking to the US Congress

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