15 May 2013

15th May 1943: trains (clean), bike (nice), uncles (Bill & Ben), roses (gorgeous), planes (air raid warning)... & "Wings for Victory"

15 Sat. Rather warm, sunny, fresh wind. Did all the shopping in afternoon by cycle. While in Wimbledon saw the grand "Wings for Victory Week" procession - good. Also saw the Southern Railway's up local line "fly over viaduct" between Wimbledon and Earlsfield Stations, also saw the carriage washing machine - trains go in dirty one end and come out clean the other. Bought silver dope at Colins and did some more painting to my bike, begins to look nice. Uncles Ben and Bill called in afternoon, short raid warning while they were here. The Heriot rose is gorgeous to-day. Dear Monica called; gave her a sweet.

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