2 March 2013

26th to 28th Feb 1943: distributing shoes?

The development of a prunus from winter to midsummer (Wiki)
26 Fri. Sharp white morning frost; cold clear day, sunny afternoon. To do the usual Friday morning shopping. Then to Morden to buy cats meat.
27 Sat. Sharp white morning frost, cold, clear day: sunny afternoon. Got groceries also other goods without going out of the district. Dug over rhubarb bed and divided up and took three roots to Mrs Child who put them in with my help and of the children. Came back with Audrey as she was taking shoes home to various addresses round about.
28 Sun. Very cool, calm, dull, not unpleasant for time of year. Only Monica called to-day; gave her some chocolate. Wallked to Wimbledon Common. A surprising number of modellists were there including Jones, Double & Jenever: some nice flying. The pink flowering prunus is lovely just now. Alf & Lily called in evening; he lent me his field glasses to see the comet.

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