27 March 2013

25 to 27 Mar 1943: 6d for rotten lights for cats

25 Thur. Mild, some spring sunshine and showers. Walked along line to Wimbledon; saw a Pacific, bought fish. Also to chemists at Morden. Made new nose-block for 37 ins model. Am expecting my re-built cycle wheels back any day now; they are coming by Carter Paterson.

26 Fri. Mild, mostly cloudy. Did shopping locally also to Morden cats meat shop where I bought some rotten lights for sixpence. It is not easy to feed pets in wartime. To Uncle Alf's in afternoon; saw his garden.

27 Sat. Mild, some drizzle, mostly cloudy. To Wimbledon to buy cats' lights at the Hartfield Road shop. Got the groceries in afternoon. Divided up and re-planted ox-eye daisies, delphiniums and golden rod and removed arabis which had spread around the roots of some roses and removed a mat of tansy roots also. First buds on Climbing Heriot rose.

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