3 March 2013

1st to 3rd March 1943: fire-bombs, shrapnel

1 March. Mon. Rather mild, lovely sunny day. Uncle Tom & Aunt Nellie called in morning; gave them a packet of tea. Went to Morden to buy herrings. Saw the comet through Alf's binoculars. It appears as an oval, misty patch of light with a somewhat brighter nucleus to one side of the oval.

2 Tues. Rather mild, dull but calm which made quite a pleasant day.To Morden to buy cats meat. The nice young lady in the shop was very sweet. Planted started bulbs in the garden. Dug up some plants to make more room for vegetables. Gave some plants to John Child to take to his mother.Started re-building 34 ins wing.

3 Wed. Rather cold, very dull, very rough N. wind. To shops in morning; bought something for dinner. Small amount of work re-building 34 ins wing. Was at work on  the wing when sirens sounded at 8.20 p.m. Gunfire was heard almost at once and a machine came over which got a lot of gunfire, the local guns letting off several salvoes. Shrapnel came down and broke some glass - Mr. Wiggin's greenhouse, I believe. About six machines came under fire and some fire-bombs were dropped judging by the light in the sky, but nothing fell locally. All clear at 9.50 p.m.

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