17 March 2013

17th March 1943: dirty brown mist

17 Wed. Rather cool but no frost. Dismal, dirty brown mist, calm. Being early closing did shopping in morning. Did some gardening in afternoon and more work re-building tail of 34 ins model. Letter from Rev. Chas Staden saying he is visiting London soon and will come to see me.

Note: withing ten years, the Great Smog of 1952 occurred - a fog so thick and polluted it left thousands dead and wreaked havoc on London. The smoke-like pollution was so toxic it was even reported to have choked cows to death in the fields. It was so thick it brought road, air and rail transport to a virtual standstill. This was certainly an event to remember, but not the first smog of its kind to hit the capital. -Source and fuller story at The Met Office.

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