17 March 2013

14-16 Mar 1943: stripped elegant 34in model

14 Sun. Mild... quite pleasant. Walked along Grand Drive, Heath Drive, Elm Walk, Cannon Hill Lane and home across Cannon Hill Common. John and Peter Child called. Warnings from 12.25 to 12.45 also from 12.50 to 1.17 a.m: No incident.

15 Mon. Sharp white frost, yellow mist which took till late afternoon  for the sun to disperse... To Morden to buy fish. Also other shopping locally. Covered re-built 34 ins wing with white tissue and made a really neat job of it and is now ready for doping.

16 Tues. Thick white morning frost but the sun soon made it go. Cloudless all day, the sun being quite warm in afternoon. To Wimbledon along the line. Saw a Pacific & a Lord Nelson loco. Bought braces at Hewitts price 4/9 no coupons. Also bought clear dope & 1/4 rubber at Colins. Am on fire duty tonight. Stripped and started re-building tail of 34 ins span model. When finished the lines of the complete model will be most elegant.

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