14 February 2013

9th to 11th Feb 1943: rescued doll

9 Tues. Rather cold, dismal, cloudy... Glad enough to stay at home. I should imagine last month was the wettest January for many years - possibly a record. Was nominally on fire duty through the night but no warning occurred from dusk till dawn so did not have to patrol, but shortly after daybreak a short alert was sounded from 8.27 to 8.47 a.m. but just escaped having to go out.

10 Wed. Less cold; fine morning... Did shopping locally in morning. Tried to phone Shaddforth's in afternoon for Ciss but number was unobtainable. Letter from Dad, wrote a reply. Warning in dirty cloudy weather from 4.30 to 5.10 p.m.: gunfire to northward.

11 Thur. Rather mild, dull, calm. Posted two letters. Met Uncle Alf. Retrieved little Janet Absolom's doll from the jaws of Winsley's dog.

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