9 February 2013

7th & 8th Feb 1943: crashed bomber update

7 Sun. Cold, clear, some pale sunshine in afternoon. All the children called; they seem to like to come.

Not the well-know 'man from the Pru' -
the ubiquitous insurance agent collecting
 weekly payments - but a postcard advert
 for The Prudential in the USA
 depicting Abraham Lincoln
8 Mon. Thick white hoar frost... Jack Bradley called in morning. Told the Prudential agent we wished to take out a policy for Anthony; he will put the business through. Mr Payne the landlord said the plane brought down early Monday morning Jan 18 crashed on Upper Green Caterham: this corrects my earlier report that it fell on All-farthing Down Purley. Four of the crew were burned to death the fifth baled out by parachute but he was soon captured. Walked to Morden to buy Dinky's meat.

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