9 February 2013

6th Feb 1943: searchlights and a comet

Fred Whipple
Fred Whipple in 1927
6 Sat. Rather mild...not unpleasant... to Morden but the cats' meat shop was shut, so bought some herring roes - hope Dinky will eat them. Searchlight practice at night in a clear sky; three planes were held in the beams. For three nights I have been trying to identify Whipple's comet which is now in Ursa Major. It is only of the 6th magnitude and on the limit of visibility. I saw a faint object in the spot it should occupy three nights ago. To-night I saw it and its position had changed, so it seems fairly certain that I have seen it. It is merely the faintest point of light but there is no tail that can be seen without optical aid.

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