24 February 2013

24th & 25th Feb 1943: a comet and blooms

24 Wed. Sharp morning frost but giving midday, the sun being quite pleasant later. Did shopping locally in morning; met Mrs Bickerstaff and Mrs. Collis. Aunt Liza and Gwen called in evening. Received letter from Rev. Chas Staden wrote letter in reply. As the moon now rises late, the sky was clear and dark enough to see Whipple's comet in the Plough. It has changed its position considerably and is brighter than when I saw it last. It is now a faint misty patch of light about half the diameter of the moon.

25 Thur. Thick white morning frost giving place to a pleasant afternoon with some nice sunshine; fitful sky and rain later. Walked to Merton to buy sprats. Returned via Merton Park, so was able to see dear Mother's grave: the bulbs are showing above ground. Crocuses of all colours make a fine show in the Churchyard, also the plum hedges are a mass of bloom; saw the lesser celandine also. Almond trees are nearly out. Posted some letters. Saw Whipple's Comet again to-night;its position has changed since last night.

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