5 January 2013

4th Jan 1943: fire - and water divining

4 Mon. Thick white frost lasting all day; some feeble sunshine in afternoon. Coldest day this winter so far. Cycled to Morden to buy meat for Dinky. To the Church to pay the Club. Met Mr Akhurst there who demonstrated his powers of water divining. He found a length of cane and made a loop which he held in his hands. Immediately the cane was forced upwards with such power that he could not hold it down. The spot indicated was just inside the choir door. I tried with the same rod over the same spot but got no reaction whatsoever. Light outbreak of fire at night at end of Bronson Road. Went to have a look but could not see anything save that two engines were there with hoses leading through the entrance of the Spur Garage.

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