27 January 2013

26 & 27th Jan 1943: liver - a great sensation

Ensign Beaded Edge tyre, available 70 years
after the diary entry 
26 Tues. Cold... a little weak sun. Cycled to Morden to buy fish for Dinky. Also cycled to take accumulator, returning along Grand Drive and Cannon Hill Lane. My outer covers are very worn, the back tyre showing signs of bursting, but beaded edge covers are not now made: mine are beaded edges so am in a quandary.
27 Wed. Very cool, cloudy, fresh wind. Shopping in morning, bought some liver at the butchers - great sensation; we had liver and bacon for dinner, first for a very long time. Along line in afternoon to see Pacific loco No 2168. Am on fire duty to-night. Wrote letter to Fred Fraine. Repaired 22ins. fuselage damaged last autumn. 

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