16 January 2013

13th to 15th Jan 1943: Liza into hospital

13 Wed. Same temperature as yesterday but fine and sunny, but little warmth in the sun of course. Took order to grocers and bought sausages in morning. Alan Spooner called in afternoon and gave me a fretwork calendar. He also brought an energised moving coil speaker he has had given him: tested it but without polarising current was quite weak in response, of course.

14 Thur. Rather cold, a little fairer after a terrible night of torrential rain and thunderous wind. Did local shopping and went a little way along rail-path just in time to see the Pacific. Met Mrs. Child and Jennefer. The Conley children brought a parcel that the postman had left there for us as I was out at the time.

15 Fri. Rather cold, dull morning, sunny afternoon, moonlight night. Bought the meat and other things in morning. Went along the rail-path as far as Merton Hall Road bridge; saw the Pacific 21C8. Went in to see Aunt Liza who is ill in bed and later went into Cheam and Sutton Hospital. Am on fire-duty tonight but do not go out unless there is a warning; up to the time of writing only aircraft and searchlight practice by our own men has eventuated.

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