30 October 2012

29th to 31st Oct 1942: Higgs had herrings

29 Thurs. Rather cold, half dark, rain or drizzle all day. To Wimbledon along rail path to buy fish; saw Collins. Dinky caught a mouse.

30 Fri. Cold morning, very thick white mist. Then the sun came out and shone with surprising power & drove the mist away & made fences and everything outdoors steam in a way I have never seen before... Shopping locally, then to every fish shop in Raynes Park & Morden to see if I could buy herrings. Bought lights for Dinky in Morden. In afternoon Higgs had got some herrings; also to Merton to get something at the chemists.

31 Sat. Rather cold & dull. Got the groceries. Along rail path to Wimbledon but could not buy what I wanted. Warning from 8.30 to 8.53 p.m., no incident. A daylight raid on Canterbury to-day.  

28 October 2012

22 to 28 Oct 1942: announced over wireless, two enemy bombers destroyed

22 Thur. ...Cycled to Morden to buy fish and something at Boot's. Trimmed the evergreen hedges in the front garden.

23 Fri.  ...Did shopping in morning, also to Wimbledon in afternoon. There was a distant warning & all clear while I was out.

"There is no situation to which it cannot address itself with vigour and ingenuity. It is the citadel of British liberty. It is the foundation of our laws." - Winston Churchil speaking in and referring to the House of Commons, 23 October 1942.

24 Sat. Very cool, boisterous chilly wind; some bright sunny periods, also shower & hail. Cycled to Morden to buy cats' meat. Got the groceries in afternoon and a few other things.

25 Sun. Very cool, dismal, showers. Dad, Alb, Lily & Anthony to dinner & tea, also Madge. Margaret & Edie Hopkins to tea. A piece of chocolate for my birthday from Anthony and presents of money from Dad. Alb & Lily wrote letter to Uncle Tom.

26 Mon. ...Heard all clear at 11.0 a.m, did not hear the warning. Also warning from 11.25 a.m, to noon; sounds of gunfire & aero-engines. Thence from  12.55 to 1.12 p.m., & 3.45 to 4.10 p.m. It was announced over the wireless that two enemy bombers were destroyed. Went out in the rain to buy a few things locally also later to pay the Slate Club. Started to make a new output transformer for the rebuilt moving coil unit. Posted letter to Uncle Tom.

27 Tues. ...Took umbrella to Mrs Child. Took two missionary collecting boxes to houses in Elm Close. More work on bobbin of new transformer. Warning from 1.30 to 1.37 p.m.

28 Wed. ...Warning fom 4.10 to 4.20 p.m. Did shopping in morning: met Alf's Lily with Alan's bike; told me she tried to buy a lamp bracket for it but could not get one: took one along in afternoon. More work making the sectionalised bobbin for new outrput transformer.

21 October 2012

15th to 21 Oct 1942: heart paroxysms aged 54

15 Thur. Mild, hail shower in morning with a gale of wind... Short cycle ride only. Fitted transformer of moving coil unit & connected speech coil to same & tested - very promising; it seems very sensitive.

16 Fri. ...Got the week-end meat & other shopping locally, Cycled to Morden to buy cats' meat in afternoon. Talk to Mr Akhurst who was painting his house - meaning Hick's house; it is his property.

17 Sat. ...cycled to Wimbledon to buy fish also plumbs locally. Got groceries in afternoon. Repaired end fence of garden and alleyway of overhanging trees.

18 Sun. Very mild, very gloomy... I am 54 to-day, and feel 100, However, I am truly thankful; I have been spared so long, which considering the number of heart paroxysms I get a day is surprising. Short walk in afternoon. Drew a comic cartoon for Uncle Tom & Aunt Nellie.

19 Mon. ...sunny afternoon. Warnings from 10.15 to 10.30, from 10.45 to 11.00, from 12.15 to 12.22 the latter P.M. the two previous A.M. Cut old wood out of the yellow acacia (pop tree). Cycled to Morden to buy fish. Edie Bennet called also MrsJordan and baby Nigel to tea. To see Alf Holland's model aero. Some more new A.A. guns at the camp. Made centreing 'spider' for moving coil unit.

20 Tues. ...dismal to haf-dark; deluge from noon onwards. Stayed in to-day. Fitted mounting pads to rebuilt moving-coil unit. Fitted it in the set and tested - quite promising.

21 Wed. ...Ciss, Alb, Dad, Lily & Anthony went to Basingstoke to see Hilary, Lily's niece married to Mr.Pavey. Did shopping in morning. Mr.Spooner called.

*The editor of this blog traced and  contacted Hilary on 21 Oct 2012. Hilary's home was at 12 Soper Grove, Basingstoke - seen here, to the left of the white house, some 70 years later (Google, Street View).

13 October 2012

12th to 14th Oct 1942: hot nights

12 Mon. Very cool, very dull. Cycled to Morden to buy cats' meat. Finished the trailing-edge extensions to 34ins wing, also fitted streamline stringers in nose of fuselage of this machine. Mr.Ward called about house repairs.

13 Tues. ...along line to Wimbledon, saw the Pacific loco No 21C6. also my Weymouth engine 423.

14 Wed. Cool, but a sensational rise to 60 degs at night! Dull, cloudy & boisterous. Took the modified 34ins lightweight to Wimbledon Common but dare not put it in the air owing to the high wind that suddenly arose; brought it back safe & sound but untried.

10 October 2012

10th to 11th Oct 1942: "also ran"

10 Sat. ...chilly boisterous wind. Hunted all over raynes park, Wimbledon & Merton to buy fish & a dish cloth among other things. Bought 1/32in sheet balsa at Colins. Added trailing-edge extension to wing of 34ins model aero.

11 Sun. ..The crowd of children called as usual. To Wimbledon Common in afternoon. Saw a few modellists including Double. A Kings College boy with a green & yellow lightweight did very well: the others "also ran".

On these days: 11-12th. US and Japanese ships fight confused Battle of Cape Esperance when both are taking troops and equipment to Guadalcanal. Transports from both sides get through. Both sides suffer 'friendly fire'. Final two Japanese destroyers sunk on 12th by bombers from Henderson Field.

8 October 2012

6th to 9th Oct 1942: Uranus in Taurus

6 Tues.    ...chilly east wind Wimbledon along rail path; saw the Pacific loco. Bought a few household goods also model aero materials - the latter at Collins. Mrs.Collins told me that Mr./Jones who I have missed has been in the R.A.F. He has been discharged after having an accident. Cemented speech coil permanently into cone assembly of re-built speaker.

7 Wed. Very mild, dismal, misty, humid. Did shopping in morning. Cycled to Putney in afternoon; rode along the towing path. Exceeded 400 miles on  my bike so far this year. Alan Spooner called.

8 Thur. ...Along rail path; saw Pacific loco. Bought fish and a few other things in Wimbledon. Fire duty at Duffs. When I got to Duffs I found fire-watching duty was cancelled there until further notice, so I came home again, and was pleased at the unexpected turn of events. Expect I shall hear further soon. Was able to see Uranus with the unaided eye to-night as it is in Taurus.

9 Fri. ...To Merton in afternoon also to buy sheet balsa and spruce sections in 4ft lengths for building a Wakefield sized wing. Dear Gladys called in evening.

4 October 2012

1st to 5th Oct 1942: Slate Club & herrings

1 Thur. Very mild, dull morning, fine sunny afternoon. To Wimbledon along rail path; bought fish. Aunt Liza and Gwen called, then Gladys brought some toys for the Sunday School. Then a messenger to tell me to fire duty tonight instead of tomorrow: went.

2 Fri. in morning as usual. Walk along rail path in afternoon. Tied up new shoots of loganberry. Monica called with a message.**

**Note: the household didn't have a telephone.

3 Sat. ...Cooked the midday dinner as usual on Sat. Got the groceries in afternoon, also got apples and a big marrow locally. Cycled to Morden but no fish or cats' meat there. Cycled to Wimbledon & got some herrings. Flew 34 ins model on Common in calm conditions with superb results.

4 Sun. ...The children called; it is their Harvest Festival to-day. Short walk in evening; watched gun practice at the camp.

5 Mon. ...cycled to Morden to buy lights for Dinky. Took recipe from Holloway's to Gladys in Grand Drive. Cycled to pay Slate Club* in evening in the rain.

*Note: a group of people who save money in a common fund for a specific purpose - usually distributed at Christmas