29 September 2012

29th & 30th Sept 1942: life goes on

29 Tues. ...Cycled to Morden to buy cats' meat. Also to Mrs.Childs' to take a parcel: they have a very young persian kitten. Mr Milum called in evening to see Ciss about the Sunday School. Warning from 11.45 to 12-0 noon.

30 Wed. ...Did shopping in morning. Cycled to Tolworth Sta. in afternoon via West Barnes, Worcester Park & Old Malden, returning along the Arterial Road. Alan Spooner clled in evening. 

27 September 2012

24 to 28 Sept 1942: blotting paper & bombs

24 Thur. Mild, very heavy clouds, thunder midday; treacherous showers. Cycled to Morden to buy cats' meat. To Mrs Hippel to ask how her wireless was going. Firewatching duty at Duffs.

25 Fri. ...Did the usual Friday morning shopping. Miss Dickson does the house cleaning as usual. Made new blotting paper cone for loud-speaker. Letter from Chas.Staden; his allotment has been bombed at Spalding.

26 Sat. ...Got the groceries as usual, then to Wimbledon along rail path to buy a few thin gs. Saw some interesting engines.

27 Sun. Cool, dull, but calm Alb, lily, Dad & Antony to dinner but did not stay to tea as they were to go to Uncle Alf & Aunt Hannah's. Walk to (Wimbledon) Common in evening and stood at an open air Gospel meeting where I heard a fine address by a Greek.

28 Mon. Cool, dismal, rain all day. Out only in afternoon to shop locally and came back very wet.

"There is no situation it (the House of Commons) cannot address itself with vigour and ingenuity. It is the citadel of British liberty. It is the foundation of our laws."
- Winston Churchill speaking in the House of Commons, 23 Oct 1942.

22 September 2012

17th to 23rd Sept 1942: flying high

17 Thur. ...Shopping locally also cycled to Morden where I discovered a new cats' meat shop and bought some lights for Dinkey. Dorothy Moody called in evening to say good-bye, she is joining the A.T.T.** as has Dorothy Longhurst.

**Note: I assume Fred meant ATS, the Auxiliary Territorial Service Photo: British ATS members unload rifles from the USA 

18 Fri. ...All the usual shopping - getting the meat etc. Also to Wimbledon along rail path. To Mrs Child's in afternoon and found the the terminal of accumulator of wireless set were corroded and needed cleaning.

19 Sat. ...Got the groceries and took accumulator then cycled to Wimbledon to buy fish. In evening flew 34 ins model on Wimbledon Common with more powerful motor & obtained the most marvellous climb I have ever seen and was delighted.

20 Sun. Very mild, cloudy, showers, boisterous. Walked along Westway in evening.

21 Mon. ...rain nearly all day. Cycled to Morden cat' meat shop between the showers.

22 Tues. Mild, dull, overcast, many showers. Cycled to Wimbledon to buy fish.

23 Wed.  ...shopped locally in morning. Cycled to Mitcham Common then along Bishopsford Road to St.Helier & Sutton returning along Sutton Common Road & Tudor Way**: have not been to Sutton for a great many years. Mr. Mocksford a fire-watcher at Duffs brought gram pick-up for me to repair which I did & tested on my own machine & found OK.

**Note: on modern map, in 2012, this is Tudor Drive.

19 September 2012

13th to 16th Sept 1942: played her harmonium

13 Sun. ...The children called. Gave roses to dear Monica & her friend Jean. Walk round the camp in evening; saw them land the balloon. Met Mr. & Edie Bennett and had a chat.

1930s' harmonium,
14 Mon. ...Finished Mrs Hippel's set & took it to her: played her harmonium.

15 Tues. Shopping locally, thence to Wimbledon along rail path to buy fish, pills, (aha) and a high tension battery. Saw Pacific loco - very disappointing from an aesthetic point of view. Fitted H.T. battery to Mrs Hippel's set but louspeaker no good.

16 Wed. ...Took my Celstion loudspeaker to Mrs Hippels & and got the set going well after borrowing an accumulator from next door her own was down. Did firewatching duty at Duff's. Oh, Uncle Ben and Cousin Ivy from Bolton called. 

12 September 2012

12 Sept 1942: that *** wireless

12 Sat. Very mild, cloudy. Got the groceries as usual. Along rail path to Wimbledon: bought fish. Saw four Brighton engines at the same time. Tested Mrs.Hippel's wireless but must try again.

On this day: a German submarine (U-boat) sunk the British transport Laconia. 1,800 Italian POW were on board. Of the total 2,732 on aboard, 1,111 survived, after a catalogue of errors - including an American plane attacking a German ship displaying a large Red Cross flag. 

11 September 2012

8 to 11 Sept 1942: 9 bob earned firewatching

8 Tues. ...lovely sunny day of the gentle sort. Cycled to Morden but could not get fish there but got some round the corner. Trimmed privet bush in front garden. Did firewatching duty at Duff's, have now earned 9/-.

On this day. Winston Churchill in House of Commons: "We are sea animals, and the United States are to a large extent ocean animals. The Russian are land animals. Happily, we are all three air animals."

9 Wed. ...bought a lot of lights for Dinky, first for a very long time. To Mrs Hippel's to look at wireless set but without putting the trouble right. Warning from 4.25 to 4.35p.m. One shot. Mrs Akroyd called.

10 Thur. ...lovely sunny day of the late summer type. To see Mrs Hippel's wireless - one valve broken also loudspeaker windings broken down: not so good. Can arrange for her to have a temporary set. The tomatoes growing in the garden are ripening splendidly now.

11 Fri. ...usual Friday morning shopping including cycling to Morden. Cycled to North Cheam in afternoon. Alan SDpooner called. Re-wound reaction coil for Mrs Hippel's wireless.

5 to 7 September 1942:salvoes of bombs

5 Sat. ...Warning from 12.5 to 12.20 p.m.: distant gunfire. Shopping locally then to Wimbledon along rail path to buy fish.

6 Sun. ...Cycled to Pontifex's at Worcester Park to see to their wireless set which is now first rate. While there the sirens sounded at 4.55 all clear at 5.17 p.m. no incident. Mrs.Akroyd called.

7 Mon. ...Uncle Tom & Aunt Nellie came in morning, gave them some rhubarb, tomatoes and cakes. Cycled to Morden top buy fish. Margaret called with some typescripts. In evening to Mrs.Akroyd's to fit new high tension and grid bias batteries to her wireless - going very well. Warning at 10.45 p.m. About two machines dropped parachute flares, incendiaries and two salvoes of bombs some miles to N.E. All clear at 11.35 p.m. The raid was on Enfield.

4 September 2012

4 September 1942: fighters - and a mouse

Boulton Paul Mk 1 Defiant night fighter . Photo via Wikipedia 
full details here
4 Fri. ...a few spells of weak sunshine; not unpleasant. Did shopping locally then to Merton to buy fish. In afternoon cycled to Croydon Aerodrome. Saw some Defiant fighters: returned via Carshalton & Hackbridge. Have now cycled a total of 304 miles this year. Dinky caught a mouse.

2 September 2012

1 to 3 September 1942; perfect repair

1 Sept. Tues. ...walked along rail path in afternoon where met Mr.Conrade. Finished repairs to Mrs.Akroyd's wireless and tested and found it perfect.

2 Wed. ...Did shopping in morning. To Wimbledon Common with Ciss in afternoon to fly the 37 ins. model in half a gale with results as good as could be expected.

3 Thur.  ...dull, rain, very rough. Cycled to Morden to buy fish. Alan Spooner called.

28 to 31 Aug 1942: women anti-aircraft gunners

28 Fri. Very warm; the sun shone with grand power all day long: perfect! Did all the usual Friday morning shopping locally also cycled to Morden to buy fish in afternoon after mending a puncture.  Cycled along Arterial Road in evening. Eight splendid new anti-aircraft guns on the camp all "manned" by women.

29 Sat. ...heavy rain and thunder at night. Got the groceries etc. in afternoon. Flew 37 ins.model on Common in evening, finishing with a grand flight, the machine coming down in the woods, finding it only after much wandering about. Walked home as the storm was beginning.

30 Sun. ...Cycled to Tolworth in morning to attend the christening of baby Antony at Surbiton Hill by Rev.Harold Morris. Auntie Ruth** & Ena Stokes were there. Dad, Ciss, Alb & Lily of course & Frank & Nellie from Basingstoke, also Miss Brewer & Miss Paterson a friend of Ruth. Stayed to dinner & tea.

Note: **Ruth Stokes was actually the mother. We're not quite so coy these days! Miss Brewer was a Tolworth neighbour, Frank & Nellie were Lily's brother-in-law and sister - he was a railway guard.  

31 Mon. ...Cycled to Morden to buy fish. Ciss had a holiday at home this week. Did my wire-watching turn at Duff's Depositories.**

** Note: does anyone know where or what Duff's Depositories were?