14 December 2012

8th to 10th Dec 1942: water divining

8 Tues. Very mild for season, 54 degrees Fah; very dull and cloudy. To Merton Churchyard to plant bulbs of Emperor daffodils & Cheerfulness narcissus on dear Mother's grave. Did some more wood-chopping. Cut out old wood of the Pauls scarlet rambler & tied up new shoots in their place, Ciss baked a Christmas cake.

9 Wed. Cool, dull chilly wind but clear air. Did shopping locally in morning also to take the order to grocers. Mended puncture in cycle tyre. To Winsleys to remove pilot lamp from their wireless set in order to economise in accumulator current.

 10 Thurs. Rather mild for season, dull, cloudy, windy. Did shopping in afternoon. Met Mr. Akhurst & had a talk to him about water divining; he is an exponent of the art. Cleaned all the windows.

On this day: "The Almighty in his infinite wisdom did not see fit to create Frenchmen in the image of Englishmen." - Winston Churchill, in the House of Commons, 10 Dec 1942.

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