11 December 2012

4th to 7th Dec 1942: wartime lobster paste

4 Fri. Rather cold but clear and bright, the sun shining with some warmth; remarkable for the season. Did shopping in morning also to Morden where I caught a glimpse of Agnes Williams. More shopping in afternoon. Dinky is walking on all fours, but is still a little lame.

5 Sat. Rather cold, windy, but some wintry sunshine midday. To get groceries at the shop round the corner. Later along rail path to Wimbledon; saw Pacific loco. Bought narcissus bulbs also fish.

"Exceptionally good for wartime..."
6 Sun. ...Flew 34 ins model on Common with fair results in spite of a broken longeron and adverse conditions. Jones and others were there.

7 Mon. Very mild for season, 53 degs... Walked to Morden to buy cats' meat. Walked along rail path to buy Empire daffodil bulbs at Luffs, for Mother's grave. Uncle Tom & Aunt Nellie came in afternoon and gave them money to buy a pot of Crosse & Blackwell's lobster paste which is exceptionally good for a wartime product; they gave me a book.

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