31 December 2012

31st Dec 1942: snow, fire & Thanks be to God!

31 Thur. Very cold, 3/4ins of snow but the afternoon sun melted it in places: freezing later. Walked to cats' meat shop at Merton but the place is shut having been damaged by fire. Chas was on the job of putting this fire out as he is a fireman and told me about it, but he said it was not badly damaged and expected it would be open the next day, but it seems boarded up for good. So I walked to the Morden shop and got some lights for Dinky there. Jean Child called in evening. The last day of the year. A far better and quieter year than we had any right to expect, and the recent victories in North Africa and Russia seem to indicate that the tide of war is turning against the Nazis and the New Year dawns with a hope that victory may be achieved before the end of 1943, at least a victory over Germany and Italy; it may take a little longer to defeat Japan, but the year closes with a feeling of relief and of thankfulness to Almighty God for having saved us when things seemed hopeless and of the promise of peace and better times ahead. So Thanks be to God.

The end of 1942.

Note: Click image to enlarge it. Fred very neatly finishes the final entry for 1942 with only one spare side left in the 4 1/2 x 7-inch notebook. His highest pin board score, recorded inside the front cover, was 5,875, and the highest scored by Ciss was 5,425. His cyclometer at the beginning of 1942 read 2,284.8 miles.

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