2 December 2012

29th Nov to 3rd Dec 1942: cat bitten

29 Sun. Less cold, cloudy, fresh wind. To Wimbledon Common; saw Jones & others I knew with their aeros. A Kings College boy whom I have seen before had a splendid, large glider which eventually got treed. Alan Spooner brought back my moving-coil speaker.

30 Mon. Rather cold, dull, but a feeble attempt by the sun midday. To the Morden cats meat shop in afternoon. Bought gas mantle at Smaldon's.

1 Dec. Tues. Rather mild for season, small amount of weak sunshine. Took Dinky to animal's dispensary at Wimbledon. The vet said his leg was badly bitten by another cat & it had festered. Gave me some powders & to bathe his wounds with salt water; he is a bit better. Alan Spooner brought back Mrs. Winsley's set.

2 Wed. Rather cold, dull. Shopping locally also to Morden on cycle. Brought in Winsley's set as battery wires needed lengthening. It is going well. It is a Beethoven set - should be good. A man waiting by the public telephone kiosk asked me to get a number for him which I did. Warning from 9.0 to 9.25 p.m.

3 Thurs. Morning frost, cold, dismal day, fog & rain later. To Wimbledon along line in afternoon to do some shopping. Finished Winsley's wireless set & took it back.

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