22 December 2012

16th to 20th Dec 1942: blackout & ginger wine

16 Wed. Very cool, rough and rainy. A very rough journey on  my bike to Morden where I bought a few things including a Vidoi(?) electric cycle lamp I had set my heart on. It has a large parabolic brightly plated reflector and I succeeded focussing it into an intensely powerful beam: am very pleased with it. Put up the rest of the blackout to the front windows. Tested it at night by putting the lights on and found it satisfactory. Heard the great Eroica symphony on the wireless: more impressed than ever by the greatness of the master musician Beethoven Warning from 2.0 to 2.35 p.m. distant heavy rumble.

17 Thurs. ...took note to Mrs. Child using my cycle. The Christmas cards are beginning to arrive. Started repairs to marble top wash-stand. Posted long letter and card to Rev Chas Staden. Started writing letter to Uncle Tom & Aunt Nellie.

18 Fri. Merton to buy some chocolate in afternoon. Repaired the marble top of wash-stand which has been broken since the bombing. Paid visit the Aunt Liza. (sic) Finished letter to Uncle Tom & Aunt Nellie.

19 Sat. Very cool, dull, cloudy, rain all day. Got the groceries locally as usual, then a walk in the rain to Morden to buy a few things. Thence more shopping locally including buying ginger wine essence for Christmas. Mrs Henry French called at night to ask me to fit a high-tension battery for her.

20 Sun. Very cool, dull, cloudy. Short walk and to get Uncle Dick's new address from Cousin Alf. Addressed some Xmas cards. Ciss* went to Tolworth.

*Fred's sister (Theresa, known as Ciss) went to tea with her brother Albert and his family at Tolworth - 98 Largewood Avenue - on a Sunday, for many years.

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