14 December 2012

11th to 14th Dec 1942: Slate cash & a helmet

11 Fri. Very mild for season but powerful wind; intervals of sunshine and showers to complete the illusion of a fitful spring day; the air was pure and clear. Did the usual shopping including getting the meat. Also to Morden to get cats' meat. Gave the windows a final polish; they are now crystal bright.

12 Sat. Rather mild, blue sky, brilliant sunshine. Wallked to Morden to buy cats' meat, then back to Raynes park to do shopping, also to Church to get the annual Slate Club share out which amounts to 18/6. Received my card of authority and am now a member of the street fire fighting party: Mr Cox brought me a steel helmet: I shall look well wearing this and my gas mask.

13 Sun. Rather cool, very cloudy, fresh wind. Short walk in afternoon. Met Archie Adams with his little boy and girl: did not know he had a family. Mrs Akroyd called; her sister is in hospital.

14 Mon. Rather cool, dull. Cycled to Morden to buy fish. Saw some splendid electric cycle lamps in a shop there: shall I buy one? Thence to Whitbourn's to see if he has got an outer cover that will fit my bike. Mine are beaded edge tyres and they are not made now. A wired edge cover would not stay on the rim: he will see what can be done. Bought 1/2 doz. nice Xmas cards at Woolworth's at Morden . Uncle Ben called in evening.

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