10 November 2012

5th to 8th Nov 1942: a death in the family

5 Thur. Less cold, but dismal & torrents of rain all day. Out to buy something for dinner at the nearest shops, needless to say. News of a surprise advance in Nth.Africa: first good news for a long time. Hear some anti-aircraft fire in afternoon; learned later that a German bomber had been shot down: good, our guns are getting better.

6 Fri. Cold, north wind, but fine sunshine all day. Did all the usual Friday morning shopping locally then along line until lunch. Saw Drummond Greyhound 704* now fitted with a six-wheeled tender**  in place of the eight-wheeled*** one; wonder what this engine was doing hereabouts it is such a stranger. Walked to Morden in afternoon to buy cats' meat.

Notes: *built in 1899, withdrawn Oct 1951; ** fitted in 1928 i.e. switching back to six; *** fitted in 1903, switched to eight.

7 Sat. Very mild for time of year, 54 degs. Rain all morning, pleasant sunny afternoon. Got the groceries as usual, then to Morden to buy a few things. Met Aunt Ethel in the road on my return, she told me Uncle Henry's condition is serious. Mr Akhurst called late at night to say Uncle Henry was dying, so I went to tell Cousin Alf also Aunt Liza.

8 Sun. Rather cold, cloudy and dull. Cousin Alf called to say that his father passed away at twenty minutes past ten this morning. Ciss and Mrs Akroyd went to Tolworth to tell the sad news to Dad & the others. Uncle Henry was the first to initiate me into the secrets of photographic developing and this is one of my earliest recollections of him: may he rest in peace. He married Aunt Ethel on 30th May this year. I am sorry for her: she is only 39.

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