27 November 2012

26th to 28th Nov 1942: bomb cracked lavatory

"Buster" Lloyd-Jones was a famous vet
and author who worked at the animal
 dispensary in Wimbledon during WWII.
Illustration by Stella Mackies Cox.
See details of Buster's life and work 
26 Thur. Cold, very dull, windy, damp. Small shopping excursion in afternoon, returning along little rail path. Dinky (the cat) has hurt a front leg but he will not let me have a look at it.

27 Fri. Cold, dismal, dirty brown light, misty, drizzle. Did the usual Friday morning shopping. Saw Lily Bickerstaff; nice girl. Alan Spooner called. He took Wimsley's wireless set away for repair, also he took my re-built M.C.* speaker for test. (*moving-coil)

28 Sat. Cold but a little brighter. Mr Ward put in a new lavatory pan and trap. as the old had been cracked since the bombing. Got the groceries and then to Morden to the cats' meat shop. Cycled to Wimbledon to get the times of opening of the cats' dispensary as I shall have to take Dinky.

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