24 November 2012

22nd to 25th Nov 1942: medically exempt?

22 Sun. Severe white frost all day. Dull & misty. Did not go out. Mrs.Akroyd came to tea.

23 Mon. Thick white frost... walked to Morden to buy something for Dinky. Mrs Mrs. Child & Jenefer.* To Dorset Hall to see if I can get exemption on medical grounds from fire-watching, at least during the winter.

*Note: I am being faithful to Fred's diary. He does spell her name 'Jenefer'.

24 Tues. Very cold, very dull and foggy, damp air. To Merton Road Labour Exchange to get form for exemption from fire-watching. Also bought lights at the Merton cats' meat shop.

25 Wed. Cold, dull, damp. To take groceries order in morning. Alan Spooner* called in afternoon.

*Note: many entries about Alan Spooner. Just try searching in the box, top left!


  1. Interesting that Dorset Hall was used as a Labour Exchange. It was the house of the famous suffragette Rose Lamartine Yates. During WW1 the home became a soup kitchen. She lived till 1954 so wondering if she offered up her home for during WW2 for use as a Labour exchange

  2. Fascinating! Thank you. Will watch for any future diary references and/or follow up as best I can.

  3. Rose Yates bequeathed the house to Merton and Morden Urban District Council in 1935. ( It is now sheltered housing.