3 November 2012

1st to 4th Nov 1942: fish scarce

1 Nov. Sun. Cold, half-dark, rain all day. Stayed in and glad to do so. Jack Bradley paid a surprise visit at night. Drew him a wireless circuit which he asked for. He has been at work on  aircraft building. Warning from 12.40 to 1.30 a.m. two machines destroyed over S.E. coast.

2 Mon. Cold; wintry sunshine all day. Walked to Morden to buy something for Dinky. Mrs Akroyd called in evening.

3 Tues. Rather cold, rather dull. To Merton churchyard to take geraniums off Mother's grave with a view to planting it with daffoldils and forget-me-nots. Mr Ward cleared the gutter of a blockage which caused the rain to come through the roof.

4 Wed. Rather cold, very dull & misty. Did shopping locally but had to cycle to Morden to buy fish which is very scarce. Dr Milum called to see Ciss but she was not yet home from work. Potted up four geraniums taken off Dear Mother's grave. 

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