20 November 2012

19th to 21st Nov 1942: too ill for fire-watching

19 Thurs. Cold, very dismal, dead calm. Very depressing. Cut up some more ash branches for firewood. Bought sash cord and replaced broken end of airer in scullery.

20 Fri. Rather mild for season. Calm, some gentle sunshine... Met Ethel then Mrs Child and Jenefer. Bough new H.T. battery, inner tube for cycle also grid-bias battery at Whitbourn's in afternoon. Also bought scouring powder at Smaldon's.

21 Sat. Very cold, very dull, chilly N. wind. To buy a few things locally in morning. Got groceries etc in afternoon. Met Mr. Woodley with his little girl. He did fire-watching with me at Duff's. Got a notice from Fire Watching HQ telling me I was posted for duty at Merton Park Garage. I don't think I can do it in winter time; am not well enough. Fitted new inner tube to front wheel of cycle. Need new covers now.

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