17 November 2012

17th & 18th Nov 1942: mosaic vandalism

17 Tues. Very cold, cloudy but clear air. Re-laid the mosaic tiles of front path dug up by children on Saturday. While I was doing this cousin Gladys came by on her way to Aunt Liza's: she had her little boy Geoffrey with her. Walked to the Morden cats' meat shop.

18 Wed. Very cold, some feeble sunshine. To take order to grocers also bought sausages. To see Mrs. Hippel in afternoon; she seemed very depressed but left her a little brighter. Her wireless was in order. A few days ago I cut four rose buds and put them in water in the warm room. They have opened and are quite lovely; the last till next June. Oh, what a long time to wait. 

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