17 November 2012

13th to 16th Nov 1942: funeral & surprise gift

13 Fri. Rather cold, dull. Did all the Friday morning shopping including getting the meat. Along rail path to buy fish in Wimbledon. Saw a ballast train with men shovelling ballast onto the track; the engine was an ex S.E. 4.4.0 No 1734: interesting. Uncle Joe called: he is staying the night in Dupont Rd with Uncle Alf as he is going to the funeral tomorrow. Cleaned most of the windows.

14 Sat. Very cold, white frost., thick fog but thinning a little by the afternoon. Uncle Henry was laid to rest in Morden Cemetery. Rev. Dr. Panton(?) Milum read the services first at the church & then at the graveside. I went by cycle to the cemetery in the fog, visibility being lkess than 10 yards in places. Ethel bore up well but was deeply affected. And so comes to an end another life - one who I have always known and who has never lived very far away.

15 Sun. Cold, dismal, misty. Had to repair end fence of garden as someone had pulled it down. Stayed in and an advantage to do so.

"Mrs Akroyd really is a gem"

16 Mon. Cold, windy but a little brighter. Walked to Morden to buy fish also cement at Smaldon's.  Mrs. Akroyd called in evening and brought us a new accumulator as a present. We were surprised at so generous a gift we were in need of one and this is one more proof of her unselfish nature; she really is a gem.

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