8 October 2012

6th to 9th Oct 1942: Uranus in Taurus

6 Tues.    ...chilly east wind Wimbledon along rail path; saw the Pacific loco. Bought a few household goods also model aero materials - the latter at Collins. Mrs.Collins told me that Mr./Jones who I have missed has been in the R.A.F. He has been discharged after having an accident. Cemented speech coil permanently into cone assembly of re-built speaker.

7 Wed. Very mild, dismal, misty, humid. Did shopping in morning. Cycled to Putney in afternoon; rode along the towing path. Exceeded 400 miles on  my bike so far this year. Alan Spooner called.

8 Thur. ...Along rail path; saw Pacific loco. Bought fish and a few other things in Wimbledon. Fire duty at Duffs. When I got to Duffs I found fire-watching duty was cancelled there until further notice, so I came home again, and was pleased at the unexpected turn of events. Expect I shall hear further soon. Was able to see Uranus with the unaided eye to-night as it is in Taurus.

9 Fri. ...To Merton in afternoon also to buy sheet balsa and spruce sections in 4ft lengths for building a Wakefield sized wing. Dear Gladys called in evening.

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