4 October 2012

1st to 5th Oct 1942: Slate Club & herrings

1 Thur. Very mild, dull morning, fine sunny afternoon. To Wimbledon along rail path; bought fish. Aunt Liza and Gwen called, then Gladys brought some toys for the Sunday School. Then a messenger to tell me to fire duty tonight instead of tomorrow: went.

2 Fri. in morning as usual. Walk along rail path in afternoon. Tied up new shoots of loganberry. Monica called with a message.**

**Note: the household didn't have a telephone.

3 Sat. ...Cooked the midday dinner as usual on Sat. Got the groceries in afternoon, also got apples and a big marrow locally. Cycled to Morden but no fish or cats' meat there. Cycled to Wimbledon & got some herrings. Flew 34 ins model on Common in calm conditions with superb results.

4 Sun. ...The children called; it is their Harvest Festival to-day. Short walk in evening; watched gun practice at the camp.

5 Mon. ...cycled to Morden to buy lights for Dinky. Took recipe from Holloway's to Gladys in Grand Drive. Cycled to pay Slate Club* in evening in the rain.

*Note: a group of people who save money in a common fund for a specific purpose - usually distributed at Christmas   

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