21 October 2012

15th to 21 Oct 1942: heart paroxysms aged 54

15 Thur. Mild, hail shower in morning with a gale of wind... Short cycle ride only. Fitted transformer of moving coil unit & connected speech coil to same & tested - very promising; it seems very sensitive.

16 Fri. ...Got the week-end meat & other shopping locally, Cycled to Morden to buy cats' meat in afternoon. Talk to Mr Akhurst who was painting his house - meaning Hick's house; it is his property.

17 Sat. ...cycled to Wimbledon to buy fish also plumbs locally. Got groceries in afternoon. Repaired end fence of garden and alleyway of overhanging trees.

18 Sun. Very mild, very gloomy... I am 54 to-day, and feel 100, However, I am truly thankful; I have been spared so long, which considering the number of heart paroxysms I get a day is surprising. Short walk in afternoon. Drew a comic cartoon for Uncle Tom & Aunt Nellie.

19 Mon. ...sunny afternoon. Warnings from 10.15 to 10.30, from 10.45 to 11.00, from 12.15 to 12.22 the latter P.M. the two previous A.M. Cut old wood out of the yellow acacia (pop tree). Cycled to Morden to buy fish. Edie Bennet called also MrsJordan and baby Nigel to tea. To see Alf Holland's model aero. Some more new A.A. guns at the camp. Made centreing 'spider' for moving coil unit.

20 Tues. ...dismal to haf-dark; deluge from noon onwards. Stayed in to-day. Fitted mounting pads to rebuilt moving-coil unit. Fitted it in the set and tested - quite promising.

21 Wed. ...Ciss, Alb, Dad, Lily & Anthony went to Basingstoke to see Hilary, Lily's niece married to Mr.Pavey. Did shopping in morning. Mr.Spooner called.

*The editor of this blog traced and  contacted Hilary on 21 Oct 2012. Hilary's home was at 12 Soper Grove, Basingstoke - seen here, to the left of the white house, some 70 years later (Google, Street View).

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