10 October 2012

10th to 11th Oct 1942: "also ran"

10 Sat. ...chilly boisterous wind. Hunted all over raynes park, Wimbledon & Merton to buy fish & a dish cloth among other things. Bought 1/32in sheet balsa at Colins. Added trailing-edge extension to wing of 34ins model aero.

11 Sun. ..The crowd of children called as usual. To Wimbledon Common in afternoon. Saw a few modellists including Double. A Kings College boy with a green & yellow lightweight did very well: the others "also ran".

On these days: 11-12th. US and Japanese ships fight confused Battle of Cape Esperance when both are taking troops and equipment to Guadalcanal. Transports from both sides get through. Both sides suffer 'friendly fire'. Final two Japanese destroyers sunk on 12th by bombers from Henderson Field.

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