11 September 2012

8 to 11 Sept 1942: 9 bob earned firewatching

8 Tues. ...lovely sunny day of the gentle sort. Cycled to Morden but could not get fish there but got some round the corner. Trimmed privet bush in front garden. Did firewatching duty at Duff's, have now earned 9/-.

On this day. Winston Churchill in House of Commons: "We are sea animals, and the United States are to a large extent ocean animals. The Russian are land animals. Happily, we are all three air animals."

9 Wed. ...bought a lot of lights for Dinky, first for a very long time. To Mrs Hippel's to look at wireless set but without putting the trouble right. Warning from 4.25 to 4.35p.m. One shot. Mrs Akroyd called.

10 Thur. ...lovely sunny day of the late summer type. To see Mrs Hippel's wireless - one valve broken also loudspeaker windings broken down: not so good. Can arrange for her to have a temporary set. The tomatoes growing in the garden are ripening splendidly now.

11 Fri. ...usual Friday morning shopping including cycling to Morden. Cycled to North Cheam in afternoon. Alan SDpooner called. Re-wound reaction coil for Mrs Hippel's wireless.

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