22 September 2012

17th to 23rd Sept 1942: flying high

17 Thur. ...Shopping locally also cycled to Morden where I discovered a new cats' meat shop and bought some lights for Dinkey. Dorothy Moody called in evening to say good-bye, she is joining the A.T.T.** as has Dorothy Longhurst.

**Note: I assume Fred meant ATS, the Auxiliary Territorial Service Photo: British ATS members unload rifles from the USA 

18 Fri. ...All the usual shopping - getting the meat etc. Also to Wimbledon along rail path. To Mrs Child's in afternoon and found the the terminal of accumulator of wireless set were corroded and needed cleaning.

19 Sat. ...Got the groceries and took accumulator then cycled to Wimbledon to buy fish. In evening flew 34 ins model on Wimbledon Common with more powerful motor & obtained the most marvellous climb I have ever seen and was delighted.

20 Sun. Very mild, cloudy, showers, boisterous. Walked along Westway in evening.

21 Mon. ...rain nearly all day. Cycled to Morden cat' meat shop between the showers.

22 Tues. Mild, dull, overcast, many showers. Cycled to Wimbledon to buy fish.

23 Wed.  ...shopped locally in morning. Cycled to Mitcham Common then along Bishopsford Road to St.Helier & Sutton returning along Sutton Common Road & Tudor Way**: have not been to Sutton for a great many years. Mr. Mocksford a fire-watcher at Duffs brought gram pick-up for me to repair which I did & tested on my own machine & found OK.

**Note: on modern map, in 2012, this is Tudor Drive.

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