12 August 2012

6 to 12 August 1942: Armada of bombers

Note: 6th to 12th are excerpts. Every entry starts with a weather report, and most days mention local shopping. The daily fountain pen entries start with the date and day of the week, as shown (but in bold here). Spellings and punctuation are as in the diary. And yes, Fred does say he finished writing a letter to 'Chas' on both Mon and Tues. And we now know that...

On these days: 5-13 Aug 1942. German submarines, U-boats, attacked convoy SC-94 which lost 11 ships. Two U-boats were sunk and four damaged. On Aug 7, Prime Minister Winston  Churchill visited Egypt. On Aug 8, six German agents who had landed by submarine in the USA were executed by electrocution. On the same day, Gandhi and others were arrested in India for resisting the war effort. On the 10th, the RAF raided Osnabruck and military targets in Belgium and Holland. On the 11th, the carrier Eagle was sunk while excorting a convoy to Malta. The RAF bombed Mainz.US planes attacked Canton, Hankow and Yoochow in China. On the 12th, Churchill arrived in Moscow for four-day visit. 

6 Thur. ...Shopping locally, also bought fish in Merton. Cycle ride in evening, also to see the dancing on Joseph Hood's ground. Mr Honor showed me his allotment there & gave me a fine large cabbage. In early hours an air Armada of British bombers past over taking 3/4 of an hour.

7 Fri. ...on cycle to buy paint brush. Enamalled back mud-guard of cycle. Gunfire at 2.0 a.m. to northward: no warning.

8 Sat. ...Did shopping locally also to Merton to buy fish. Warning from 6.5 to 6.35 p.m. no incident. Cycled to Uncle Alf's also to Harold's in Monkey* Road; first time I have been there. Small amount of work re-building moving-coil loud-speaker.
*I think this is Fred's joke way of writing Monkleigh Road, Morden

9 Sun.  ...Short walk in evening. Saw a special train with Drummond 4.4.0 loco. and four Pullman coaches.

10 Mon. ...Mrs Hodges called in evening as she is spending a few days with her sister locally... Finished writing letter to Chas. Staden. Card from Alan Spooner.

11 Tues. ...a cloud-burst in afternoon; boisterous. Met Dear Gladys on my way to Merton to buy fish. Finished writing long letter to Chas. Staden. Warning from 1.5 to 1.35 a.m. O.K.

12 Wed. ...Did shopping in morning locally. Cycled to Croydon Aerodrome. Saw American fighter planes making practice take-offs & landings. Saw four quick wickets fall at Mitcham cricket greern. Did weeding in the garden in evening. Birthday card & letter to Dad. He is 80 on Saturday. Warning from 2.15 to 2.35 a.m.

Note: official 1930s pilots' charts of Croydon Aerodrome from editor's collection

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  1. Possibly the P-51 Mustang fighters of RCAF squadron 414.