22 August 2012

20 to 23 Aug 1942: night spent fire-watching

20 Thur. ...Shopped locally also cycled to Morden to buy fish. Callers were Alan Spooner & Mrs.Akroyd. Planted mustard & cress.

21 Fri. ...Did all the Friday morning shopping locally then along rail path to Wimbledon to get Ciss' umbrella from Trotts where it has been repaired. Went to Mrs.Akroyd's to see her wireless set; brought it away for repair.

"Saw loco. 423 which took me to Weymouth when I was a youth..."
(That was for one week, in 1906, his only seaside holiday. See both sides of two postcards
he sent back home at this blog's entry for 30 Jan 1942 ) 

22 Sat. ...Got the groceries etc locally then to Wimbledon along rail path to buy several things. Saw loco. 423 which took me to Weymouth when I was a youth, also Lord Anson: have been on the footplate of the latter.

23 Sun. ...Ron Cooper to tea and to stay the night. Mrs. Jordan Beryl & her baby to tea. Did fire watching at Duff's Depositaries from 8.30 p.m. till 6.30 a.m.

The locomotive Lord Anson. "I have been on the footplate of the latter." The engine's designer, Richard Edward Lloyd Maunsell, is in the bowler hat. Photo copyright of the Charles Brown Collection at the Royal Air Force Museum. 

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