19 August 2012

17 to 19 Aug 1942: short -wave experiments

17 Mon. Warm, lovely fine sunny day. Tried somer short-wave experiments with the radio-gram. Took accumulator to Whitbourn's.* Also did some gardening.

* Blog-follower Fred Bewer's comments refer to his memory of Whitbourn's cycle shop on the corner of a road near the station. This exacty fits the location of the 21st century's Bright Cycles Ltd on the corner of Gore Rd at 57 Approach Rd, Raynes Park. The diarist Fred French wrote last year (1941) that Mr Whitbourn who he'd known for many years had just died. Photos of other Whitbourn cycle shops can be found on Flickr.

18 Tues. Warm, perfectly lovely sunny day; ideal, not too hot. Shopping locally, also cycled to Wimbledon to see if I could get some aero. rubber** but shop had none. Ron Cooper called midday to see if we could put him up for the night. He came for a late tea and stayed.

*aero rubber would be strong, thick elastic to make a multi-strand motor to power his model aircraft.

19 Wed. ...Did shopping in morning & a short cycle ride in afternoon. Ron came in evening and stayed the night. Mr. Honor brought me some poppy seeds; showed him the garden.

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