15 August 2012

13 to 16 August 1942: Dad's eightieth

13 Thur. Very mild, dismal, calm. Out only to butchers. Altered radio-gram but altered it back again. Observed distant raid by seeing the the flashes & light in the sky & warning from 2.45 a.m. to 3.15 a.m.

14 Fri. ...Did all the shopping in morning. Met Miss Pearce who told me Annie Brayshey was dead, aged 85. Saw two Southern Pacific loco:  they seem very fast. Ron Cooper called in evening en route for Farnborough.

15 Sat. ...Got the groceries, then cycled to Morden to buy fish. Out again to get accumulator. Ciss went to Tolworth to Dad's 80th birthday party.

16 Sun. Warm. Torrent of rain in early hours until after daw, then a lovely warm sunny day: best for a long time. Met Judge the aero.modellist who introduced me to his wife. To Wimbledon Common: saw many modellists. Dad & all the Tolworth people to tea. Mrs.Akroyd called.

On these days: 13th: anti-British riots continue in India. 16th: US Army Air Corps attack German's Egyptian positions - their first action in North Africa. 17th: US Marine Raiders - 'Carlson's Raiders' - kill all Japanese garrison (about 90 men) on Makin Island in the Gilbert Islands, and destroy all installations. Also on 17th, American Eighth Air Force launch first independent raid in Europe, on rail centre at Rouen - Brit Spitfires provide fighter cover.  Click here to see some WWII Rouen photos.

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