11 August 2012

1 to 5 Aug 1942: played pin board...

1 Aug. Sat. ...Flew 34 ins model on Common in evening. Met some interesting people. One, a musician knew Matthews of the London Symphony Orchestra. I met Matthews on the Common last Autumn; he was interested in my model.

2 Sun. ...To Holland Gardens in evening; saw the fine mixed doubles tennis players I have seen before: met Charlotte Cook there. Hald an hour's gunfire and probably the sound of distant bombs in early hours.

Wood pin board (this by Vectis) as owned by
Fred. The silver ball is pushed up the right-hand alley
with a wooden stick, with the aim of getting it to arc
around and come to rest in a high-scoring area

3 Mon. August Bank Holiday. ...Mrs Matson came to dinner & tea. Played pin board with her. Short cycle ride in evening when I reached 200.9 miles for the year so far. Warning from 3.35 to 3.50 a.m.

4 Tues. ...Shopping locally also to Merton.

5 Wed. Very mild, dismal, cloudy: fresh wind. Along rail path to see Pacific loco. pass at 3.5 p.m. but saw little of it as two other trains passed & hid the view. Cycled to Lower Morden. Did gardening in evening. Aunt Liza & Gwen called. Letter from Harold Marshall.  

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