16 July 2012

8 to 11 July 1842: rain: good!

Note: excerpts of 8th-11th
8 Wed. ...Re-set the clothes post which had rotted at the bottom: repairs to end fence.

9 Thur. ...Cycled to and walked across Mitcham Common: the willow herb and the fragrant yellow bedstraw made wonderful sweeps of colour...

10 Fri. Cool for season. Very dull, downpour all day, still raining when I went to bed: good! Did shopping in morning: met Madge who had to regsiter for National Service to-day.

11. Sat. ...The usual shopping. Saw Merton beat their opponents easily. Met Uncle Dick at the match; said that Fred Bevis had been ill. Also saw Ted Williams there: watched beside him while Merton scored freely. Short cycle ride in evening.

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